domingo, outubro 30, 2016

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Esta modelo e activista da PETA (em português: Pessoas pelo Tratamento Ético dos Animais) fez um vídeo nua a defender os direitos dos animais!

Assim, fez uma sessão fotográfica toda ao natural. Joanna Krupa publicou no Instagram alguns takes da sua sessão e os seus seguidores pareceram adorar.

Esta polaco-americana de 39 anos é vista neste vídeo do Instagram publicado por ela a mirar a vista para o oceano de uma varanda.

Ela não é propriamente tímida: fez carreira através da confiança que tinha e tem no seu corpo!

Ainda assim, interessa-se pelos animais e pelos seus direitos e utiliza o seu perfil de trabalho para promover boas causas e para apoiar a PETA:

I m against all violence …. Human and animal . The only difference is that an animal can't speak and ask for help @officialpeta. The reason I decided to be part of this ad is because I had no idea that people were so cruel. They beat these sheep in these wool farms. Some of them get slammed, break their necks. Millions of them each year end up dying. They're shearing the animals so quickly that they cut them open sometimes because the workers get paid per the pound , and then they sew them without any painkillers." #Peta #compassion #saynotoviolence I m not perfect but I try to live my life filled with compassion and educate myself what is going on in the world . Photographer @mikeruizone special effects makeup by @buhbuhbrittanyy hair @josecan2 beauty makeup @jennartist under cover investigation shows cruelty #imnotperfect #joannakrupa

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E até o pobre Harambe foi mencionado…

Nothing else left to say. Just proves how fuc&ed up our justice system is! Only because animals can't speak and defend themselves humans treat them like trash and use them as their own property instead of cherishing them as God s given gift that we should treasure every moment. And monsters that hurt other human beings get to live out their lives in jail and waste our tax dollars! Shame on #humanity ! Our laws are backwards! Zoos are jails for animals . Ban zoos! #IGNORANCE #harambe my child would never be in this situation as I will NEVER raise my children to support cruelty and torture of animals! They will only see animals in the wild never in jail like zoos or sea world or circus! Animals deserve to be in the wild unless it's a sanctuary because hurt!

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